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Concrete and steel….hmmmmmm

Good Ol’ Artist Block

As an artist, I have been used to going into my studio sitting down and sketching out a new body of work and then building them the very next day. It’s such a great feeling to be able to experiment with different designs and then have them look like a museum quality piece of work. […]

How to create letters and/or designs using a foam knockout.

Foam is a wonderful material to be used as a way of displacing concrete. I use foam for just about everything I do with my sculpture work. It allows me the creative freedom to yield many organic and geometrical designs once placed into my molds.      

Turn Services LLC. Sculpture Installation (David Fennelly and Carlos Sanchez)

Today, August 24th, I had the pleasure of installing a sculpture commission for the brand new Turn Services facility on Chartres Street in New Orleans. I collaborated with David Fennelly and Carlos Sanchez throughout the entire creative process. This was a large sculpture to under take and quite challenging, but it came out very nice. I learned so much through trial and […]

Concrete rock stars: Buddy Rhodes & Fu Tung Cheng

Buddy Rhodes and Fu Tung Cheng are truely the pioneers of the decorative concrete industry.

Acquiring Recycled Glass Scraps

As an artist, I’m always looking for recycled material to be used in my work. Material such as tempered glass sheets, mirror sheets, and plate glass sheets. I find it absolutely amazing that most of the custom glass companies in my town don’t recycle their own glass. All of these places do custom orders where a sheet of […]

How to polish concrete.

                                                        From personal experience, polishing concrete is like waking up on a Christmas morning. You don’t know what kind of surface you’re going to get until you finish the entire polishing process. I use a variable speed water fed polisher. This kind of polisher uses a regular water hose and is fed through the diamond […]

Stamping and Texturing Concrete Using Different Materials.

I do everything in my creative power to make sure that every time I do a sculpture in concrete, I try my best to create it to look nothing like concrete. Concrete is such a great material, not to mention its versatility and forgiving qualities. I’m so facinated with the fact I can take something that is […]

Decorative Aggregates in Concrete

Based from past experience through trial and error, I have discovered  the versatility that decorative aggregates can give to a concrete form once ground and polished. Most of my work encompasses recycled and natural aggregates such as course sand, marble dust, black beauty coal slag, tempered glass, and crushed wine bottles. These aggregates are just as structurally […]

Juried into the 2012 ART MELT

     I’m thrilled to be accepted into this years Art Melt in Baton Rouge. My sculpture, Emerald Line, was juried into the show. This piece is a cast and polished concrete with glass inlay. The Forum 35 Art Melt is the largest multi-media, juried art exhibit in the state of Louisiana. Now in its 9th year, […]