Decorative Aggregates in Concrete

Decorative Aggregates in ConcreteBased from past experience through trial and error, I have discovered  the versatility that decorative aggregates can give to a concrete form once ground and polished. Most of my work encompasses recycled and natural aggregates such as course sand, marble dust, black beauty coal slag, tempered glass, and crushed wine bottles. These aggregates are just as structurally compatible as your regular pea gravel and rock aggregates. It gives me a sense of excitement every time I de-mold a form and start polishing, because I never know what pattern of aggregates are going to come up to the surface once I’ve completed the finishing process. The concrete then appears to look nothing like concrete, rather it looks like some type of natural stone or granite.

There are many decorative aggregates on the decorative concrete market that exhibit some amazing surface affects once polished. There is one particular aggregate that is just amazing. Heritage glass specializes in recycled glass such as crushed bottles, crushed mirror, and crushed glass plate. They also have silver coated glass that ,once polished, reflects light and gives dimension. They also sell a Glow-in-the-Dark aggregate that provides 18 hours of complete luminance for every 10 minutes of light. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, but very expensive and worth every penny.  Check out this site, it’s a great rsourse for artist who work with concrete in a sculptural form and also for a concrete countertop application.



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