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Incorporating sand blasting material as an aggregate.

  Sand blasting aggregates such as “Black Beauty Coal Slag” are a great alternative to conventional aggreagates. In the past, I’ve used standard aggregates such as pea gravel and crushed wine bottle pieces.  What makes me so attracted to coal slag is its emerald green glass quality. When integrated into my mix and then cured, the final […]

Incorporating block printing into concrete.

 Block printing is an amazing medium to work with. In my Talented Art classes at Monteleone Jr, my 7th and 8th students are learning how to create block prints. They are also learning how to use their blocks as a tool …….. they are taking their blocks and using them as stamps into clay. By using WD-40 on the […]

Concrete and steel….hmmmmmm

Good Ol’ Artist Block

As an artist, I have been used to going into my studio sitting down and sketching out a new body of work and then building them the very next day. It’s such a great feeling to be able to experiment with different designs and then have them look like a museum quality piece of work. […]