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Turn Services LLC. Sculpture Installation (David Fennelly and Carlos Sanchez)

Today, August 24th, I had the pleasure of installing a sculpture commission for the brand new Turn Services facility on Chartres Street in New Orleans. I collaborated with David Fennelly and Carlos Sanchez throughout the entire creative process. This was a large sculpture to under take and quite challenging, but it came out very nice. I learned so much through trial and […]

Concrete rock stars: Buddy Rhodes & Fu Tung Cheng

Buddy Rhodes and Fu Tung Cheng are truely the pioneers of the decorative concrete industry.

Acquiring Recycled Glass Scraps

As an artist, I’m always looking for recycled material to be used in my work. Material such as tempered glass sheets, mirror sheets, and plate glass sheets. I find it absolutely amazing that most of the custom glass companies in my town don’t recycle their own glass. All of these places do custom orders where a sheet of […]