Artist’s Statement

“Nature is inside art as its content, not outside as its model”
-Northrup Frye

As a result of a class project in a 3-d Sculpture class taken when I was a Visual Arts major at Southeastern Louisiana University, I became fascinated with the diversity of concrete. It was there that I began to integrate glass with concrete, thereby exploring this ironic pairing. To understand glass in the same respect as concrete is to push the concept of fragility vs. strength. I have observed, through meticulous tests of trial and error, the delicate dance between weight and structural composition. As a result, I have come to realize that using delicate fragments of glass as my primary source of reinforcement is the best way to express my intentions of creating a sound structural composition. I use texture to create positive and negative shapes and voids. When incorporating metal and glass into the concrete, I attempt to break down the essential characteristics of space. I use glass to closely observe the reflective properties between two planes when they interact with each other through light and shadow.

Suspension of space between two forms is the primary theme of my work, though the content of the art itself is a constantly morphing journey for me. What began as external curiosity in regards to form and space and lighting, over time has become a more internal exploration. In a way the content is revealing itself to me. If art for the artist is an exploration of the unconscious mind and what drives it and what it is working to process or overcome or understand, then in terms of content, my art is as much about the figurative (how there is strength in fragility) as it is about the literal. What drives me to work on my craft on a daily basis is both the literal and figurative journey and I am often so absorbed in the process (or so lost in the “zone”) that time eludes me.