Good Ol’ Artist Block

As an artist, I have been used to going into my studio sitting down and sketching out a new body of work and then building them the very next day. It’s such a great feeling to be able to experiment with different designs and then have them look like a museum quality piece of work. My sketch books are my diaries of creative expression and they hold the key to my past ideas that have worked out so successfully. These sketch books are now  filled up and now it’s time to get another, BUT….I have a big problem. I somehow acquired the good ol’artist block. I don’t know how or why I got it, but I got and it really sucks!!!!!! I feel like I have a case of “Creative Constipation.” I can’t stand this feeling.  As an artist, I feel like it’s a personal duty to develop new bodies of work, but it’s so hard when I find myself not being able to think outside the box. I don’t like to repeat the same designs……it’s not my nature. ..but, it’s often helpful to look back and break open the old sketch books and re-visit the sketches that gave me the inspiration in the first place. I sincerely love what I do as an artist and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to express my abilities.

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