Acquiring Recycled Glass Scraps

As an artist, I’m always looking for recycled material to be used in my work. Material such as tempered glass sheets, mirror sheets, and plate glass sheets. I find it absolutely amazing that most of the custom glass companies in my town don’t recycle their own glass. All of these places do custom orders where a sheet of glass is cut to a certain measurement and what ever is left over is tossed into the trash and broken into a hundred pieces.  One day I went to my nearest glass company and introduced myself and told them that I was a sculpture artist who primarily used glass in my work.  After viewing my website and a portfolio, they were happy to contribute. I talked to two other glass companies and they too were willing to save some glass for me. It was amazing how much clear glass and mirror ( big pieces), I was able to acquire in just 1 month. It kept me busy for weeks with many projects underway. If I had to buy the same amount of glass I aquired for free (recycled), I’d would’ve spent well over $200. It’s so nice to know that I can re-use this material.

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