Stamping and Texturing Concrete Using Different Materials.

I do everything in my creative power to make sure that every time I do a sculpture in concrete, I try my best to create it to look nothing like concrete. Concrete is such a great material, not to mention its versatility and forgiving qualities. I’m so facinated with the fact I can take something that is in a liquid form and create any form possible (within reason of structural integrity) out of man-made stone. The mixing of concrete is one crucial step, but to personalize  the surface by stamping and texturing is a whole other dimension of creative freedom.  I look for anything that can yield a particular stamp or texture such as leaves, linoleum block cuts, bubble wrap, foam, and anything that will leave permanent impression into concrete. You might be asking yourself….HOW??…well, let us all agree that materials such as clay, latex, cualking, plastic wrap, silicone, clothing, and what ever you think could be sucessfully removed after the concrete has fully cured.  Clay is the primary material I use to capture the negative to positive relief. With clay I can achieve such great detail by scribing into it with virtually any object (clay tools). If the sculpture is mixed primarily with a concrete/sand ratio, the amount of detail that you can achieve is unlimited. At times, I’ve put my thumb print into the clay to act as my signature.

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