Custom Kitchen Concrete Countertop

After creating my outside countertop, I couldn’t resist tackling another project. I always wanted to make my own custom concrete countertop for my kitchen. My wife and I have been renovating our home for the last 6 months and when it came to the kitchen area, I felt like I had a blank canvas. The […]

Concrete Countertop Project

Finally did a concrete countertop for myself.  This project was a great learning  experience. My two objectives were to incorporate a heart inlay design and glass inlays. I found that the mold making process was the most challenging and time consuming. There were many lessons learned while making this countertop. I realized that when pouring […]

Concrete Jewelry…………

During my stay at the John C. Campbell Folk School assisting Enamelist artist Dennis Hinds, I experimented with different metal smithing projects including jewelry. I’m so excited to get into jewelry making, BUT……I want to incorporate concrete. HOW???? Lots of Google searches,  studio prototypes, and patience. 

John C. Campbell Folk School

I had the pleasure of assisting Enamelist artist Dennis Hinds at the John C. Campbell Folk School for his Enameling workshop. Before Dennis asked me to be his assistant, I had never experimented with enameling…WOW!!!!  What a great medium!!! In a nut shell, enameling is a material made by fusing powdered glass to a substrate by firing, […]

“Totemic Rip” Sculpture now in the permanent collection of Billy Gormley (Washington DC)

This sculpture called “Totemic Rip” was purchased from a gentleman out of Washington DC.  He received it yesterday and immediately installed it without a hitch.

Polished Concrete, glass, and metal

Exhibiting at the 2013 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

Concrete and metal…….a nice juxtaposition.

              This is a recent sculpture that I completed a few days ago. I decided to incorporated metal such as brass as a primary support between two forms. The juxtaposition between concrete and metal is an interesting pairing. I’ve done a few sculptures with metal in the past and I want to revisit […]

Incorporating sand blasting material as an aggregate.

  Sand blasting aggregates such as “Black Beauty Coal Slag” are a great alternative to conventional aggreagates. In the past, I’ve used standard aggregates such as pea gravel and crushed wine bottle pieces.  What makes me so attracted to coal slag is its emerald green glass quality. When integrated into my mix and then cured, the final […]

Incorporating block printing into concrete.

 Block printing is an amazing medium to work with. In my Talented Art classes at Monteleone Jr, my 7th and 8th students are learning how to create block prints. They are also learning how to use their blocks as a tool …….. they are taking their blocks and using them as stamps into clay. By using WD-40 on the […]