Concrete Countertop Project

IMG_1300 IMG_1355 IMG_1307 IMG_1306 IMG_1356 IMG_1411 IMG_1440 IMG_1466Finally did a concrete countertop for myself.  This project was a great learning  experience. My two objectives were to incorporate a heart inlay design and glass inlays. I found that the mold making process was the most challenging and time consuming. There were many lessons learned while making this countertop. I realized that when pouring a concrete countertop……always mix and pour during the AM hours of the day and have plenty of patience when doing final troweling. The heart inlay piece was a separate challenge….paying close attention to the debt of the void and the thickness of the heart. I wanted to make sure that the heart and countertop were polished flush with each other, making a nice smooth uninterupted surface. Also the seam dividing the two slabs had to be completely flush with no balance issues. The glass inlays came out very nice. I included these inlays at the end of the 6 inch cantilever.  I used double stick tape to keep the glass pieces snug in the mold.         ……All in all……this project was a success. I look forward to doing more concrete countertops in the future. My next counter will most definitely have more inlays such as glass, decorative aggregates, metal inlays, texturing, and ….unlimited creative energy.

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