Concrete Sculpture Commision in Dallas, TX

Last weekend, I rented a van and drove eight hours to a clients house in Dallas, TX to deliver a large scale commision piece that became a part of their newly renovated spa.

Mr. and Mrs. Bromberg were the perfect hosts and quelled my nerves about the piece. I love creating commision pieces, but I’d be lying if I didn’ admit that it can be a bit stressful. With commisions, I’m always worried about whether or not I will successfully fulfill the owner’s desires when it comes to how they visualized the piece.

With commisions, it is imperative to have some kind of contract. I’m learning that I can be even more specific when it comes to making one. Not only should the contract include a timeline and details about pricing, but it should also include dimensions, color swatches and whatever else would help the client and myself be most satisfied at the end of the project. If you are new to creating commisions, it is important to reequest half of the money for the piece at the beginning. That way, the artist has money to buy supplies and whatever else they need to finish and deliver the piece. And then, when it’s all in place and the client is satisfied, they can feel good about paying the remaining money.

The Brombergs were perfect clients and I am happy to say that the installation, minus a few electrical issues and incessant rainfall, went flawlessly.


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