Three Rivers Arts Festival 2015 was a success.

Three Rivers Booth Set-Up

Covington Three Rivers Arts Festival November 14-15,2015

IMG_5286Looking forward to exhibiting some fresh jewelry designs at the upcoming Covington Three Rivers Arts Festival on November 14th-15th, 2015. Come out and pass  good time.

With 200 artists from more than 20 states. A juried show of original works.

Tent after colorful tent ranged along the streets of historic downtown Covington, Louisiana.

Arts and fine crafts demonstrations. Music. Food. And lots of activities just for kids.IMG_2848IMG_2851IMG_5428IMG_0752

American Concrete Institute Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards Gala


I was approached with an amazing opportunity to create the awards for this event. Recognizing exceptional concrete construction from all acrexcellenceoss the globe. Here is the post from the American Concrete Institute.

For the first time, ACI is bringing together winning projects from across the globe for an event unlike any we’ve hosted before – the Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards Gala held Monday, November 9, 2015 during the Fall Concrete Convention & Exposition in Denver, CO, USA. George Seegebrecht, FACI, Concrete Consulting Engineers, LLC, will serve as the Master of Ceremonies.

The Awards were created to honor the visions of the most creative projects in the concrete industry, and recognize those at the forefront of innovation and technology on a global scale:

Low-rise buildings;
High-rise buildings;
Decorative concrete; and

The winners will be announced during the Awards Gala, culminating with the final announcement of the overall Excellence Award – one winner chosen as the best from among all the projects.

Japanese Concrete Institute 50th Anniversary Momento


Japan Concrete Institute (JCI), an international partner with ACI, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, and ACI was there to celebrate.

JCI was first established in July 1965 as the Japan National Council on Concrete, using the former ACI Japan Chapter as its organizational nucleus. The name of the organization was changed to the Japan Concrete Institute in May 1975. JCI contributes to the advancement of society through supporting development and progress of studies and technologies related to concrete. They produce research documents, concrete technology reports, and concrete standards, as well as creating certification programs for concrete engineers and addressing social issues of especially high urgency.

The anniversary event took place in Tokyo, Japan, on July 12, 2015. ACI President Sharon Wood, ACI Past President Jim Jirsa, and ACI Executive Vice President Ron Burg attended the celebration. JCI was presented with a unique concrete sculpture designed to commemorate the anniversary and the close working relationship between JCI and ACI.

Designed by artist Michael Scott Eddy, the concrete pillars within the sculpture represent the two institutions, while the colored glass represents the numerous exchanges and bonds between ACI and JCI that range from sharing of technical information and expertise to bonds of friendship and comradeship. Eddy is currently creating additional commissioned projects for ACI.

Fresh Jewelry work


Guerilla Baseball Facility Project (Concrete Countertop Commission)

IMG_4344 IMG_4466DSCN0499 DSCN0500 IMG_4425 IMG_4423DSCN0493

IMG_4126 IMG_4123 IMG_4148

Successful Jazz Fest 2014

Jazz Fest was a great success. This year was all about location.location.location. Thanks Kena for hooking me up with a corner booth that made all of my pieces explode with light. My corner was facing directly west. So the sun said good morning and good night every day with magnificent color and light. It was absolutely delightful.  This year my booth presentation was 100% better. It looked like a small gallery space with splashes of reflective color. My confidence was so much better and it showed through the sales. Thanks so much Contemporary Crafts.IMG_4084IMG_4088IMG_4130

Accepted into Jazz Fest 2014 (Second Weekend)

This post is quite late, but I’ve been very busy preparing for this 2014 Jazz Fest. This event is so huge and the possibilities are plentiful. Jazz Fest is, for an exhibiting artist, a logistical process that takes a lot of planning. Getting into Jazz Fest is only the beginning of a long list of responsibilities. For me, the initial thinking process is, “how do I sell my art and do it well with this shaky economy.” How do I represent myself and my art in most marketable way? With the accommodations that Jazz Fest provides, how do I utilize the space to represent my art….presentation is everything. It’s almost as important to create a nice booth display then it is to create art itself. It’s funny how it all comes together in the end.  Doing Jazz Fest is a nerve wrecking experience, but it makes me feel fantastic at the end. Time to get busy.

Cold Connection Jewelry

Cold Connection jewelry is becoming a new medium for me. Instead of the typical solder between two metals, you can now use micro-fasteners and rivets to cold connect. I absolutely love this simple concept. I honestly think that this style of jewelry making lends to a tremendous amount creativity and freedom to explore the juxtaposition between metals and glass.

I’m currently developing a series of earrings and pendants to sell at some point. So far, the jewelry has been received in the  most inspiring way. I’m very encouraged to continue with this new medium and morph my sculpture concepts into my jewelry work as well. All I can say is “It’s Fun.”
IMG_3764 IMG_3760image 2 image